Since 2007, T-Cetra has focused all of its efforts on developing and providing the best products and services to its clients in the wireless industry. T-Cetra’s platform is built to deliver state-of-the-art support to the Service Provider, the Distribution Channel, and the Retail Merchants with turnkey solution that is easily customizable to each off the current business processes.

Merchant Solutions
  • IP Terminals; Dial-up Terminals and Web Portal
  • Wireless, Long Distance, International Top-Up
  • Real time reporting with filters to manage Merchant's business
  • Eliminate fraud and shrinkage associated with physical hard cards
Back Office CRM
  • Setup,Edit and Manage Merchant's Accounts
  • Portable Devices; iPad's and Android Tablets accesible
  • Manager's Dashboard Tools
  • Extensive reports to help manage Merchant's accounts
  • Easy to Monitor "Account Tree"
Service Provider
  • Ability to process electronic pins and RTR transactions
  • Real Time Reporting, Customer Service and Full Billing Service
  • Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Handset activations with instant spiffs and subsidy control tools


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